M&G Insurance – The preference for a healthier company

The magnitude of insurance cannot be overstated or exaggerated in any age. It is one of the most crucial necessities of society. The jeopardy and hazards of life can get paid with an insurance claim even within minutes. People sense that they are protected once they get insured from any insurance firm, as they gain confidence during the uncertain conditions of life. However, a majority of people prefer to get insured with a respected and reliable company in order to avoid any sort of disputes at the time of a claim.

Do you dream about the good old days when offering health insurance was simple? Take a look at M&G’s views for a simple Return On Investment solution.

Montgomery & Graham, Inc. is one of the leading and prominent insurance companies located in Portland, Oregon. The company was founded in 1997 by Wes Montgomery and Eric Graham. M&G offers diverse categories of insurances to its clients ranging from, Medical & dental, Life & Disability, Long-Term Care Insurance, Retirement Planning, Voluntary Benefits, Individual Insurance, Property and Casualty, Worker’s Compensation, Group Insurance Products, etc. Each and every insurance policy offers its own set of benefits and protection.

All of Montgomery & Graham’s policies are designed with innovative strategies that provide utmost coverage to the policy holder. M&G is an experienced insurance firm in Oregon that specializes in self-funding and health savings account policy combinations. They completely back up and offer support to their clients and offer value added benefits at no charge.

The company has also grabbed some awards for their employee benefits program. Montgomery & Graham, Inc. has benefited thousands of employees and helped employers all over Oregon and Washington. In previous eras the health plans for employers and employees were often considered profitable to only a single party, but in the last decade of health insurance reform, new options that benefit both parties are available.

One category of inventive insurance policies which has gained significant importance and popularity lately is self-funded and is a health care plan which is beneficial for both employer and employees. The employees get the benefit of being insured and employers get the benefit of saving on healthcare insurance and protection with the involvement of a third party.

More and more employers are trending towards self-funded health care insurance plans. The policy basically fulfills the organizations’ needs of taking care of their employee health related requirements, while utilizing their funds more effectively for business growth. The main objective for picking the self-funded health care solutions is saving money and the proper usage of company’s funds. There are many different designs of self-funding available to choose from, and with the passing of House Bill 4050 is open to even small businesses in Oregon now.

When combined with a health saving accounts, self funding can be a truly rewarding healthcare package. A health savings account is basically a tax favored bank account earmarked for medical claims. For instance, some are interest based in which the account holder can receive interest on his savings, but the main purpose of this account is savings for their medical expenses. And if the amount is not withdrawn it rolls over for years and remains intact in the account. Clients often chose an administration facility that offers debit and credit card capability for their accounts. In addition, when employees turn 65, they are able to withdraw money even for non-medical expenses, making HSAs also function as a sort of retirement account.

Want to learn more about how innovative healthcare strategies can save your business money, and offer your employees benefits they will be happy with? Visit Montgomery & Graham, Inc. and schedule a 20 minute consultation to find out how you can.

How are premium rates determined for Small & Large Group Employers?


How are premium rates determined for small group employers?

Premium rate determination with the advent of the ACA is significantly different than has been the norm in many states prior to the ACA law. Small group insurance plans are now rated as modified community rating.

With modified community rating, health plans may vary the community rate based on limited factors such as age, geography or smoker status.

Example: With modified community rating with a variation for age, the rate is higher to insure the 55-year-old male smoker with cancer and a heart condition. However, the insurer would have to use the same rate when calculating premiums for the healthy 27-year-old male as it would for a male employee who is the same age but suffers from juvenile diabetes.

Depending on the rules applicable in a state, employers may be able to provide their employees with choices of different insurance companies; different plans within a metal tier or choice of different plans at different metal tiers.

How are premium rates determined for large employer groups?

Large group health insurance is medically underwritten at the time of purchase, with rates based on employee participation and prior claims experience, if available. In a large group employment situation, employees are not generally asked to fill out a medical questionnaire prior to obtaining coverage. The employees may be asked some limited medical questions depending on the employer size and whether the employer has a record of claims experience. The health insurance company bases annual premium changes for large employer groups primarily on the claims experience of the group in past years, as well as any overall increases in the cost of providing health insurance coverage. An example of such costs would be changes in laws that may impact operating expenses.

Employee engagement closely tied to Health and Wellbeing


Most employers know that an engaged workforce is more likely to be a more productive one, but less acknowledged is the link between engagement and the health and wellbeing of staff.

Can you have employee engagement without wellbeing, or are the two inextricably linked, even symbiotic? This question should be important to anyone interested in creating the right environment for success – one in which employees are motivated and productive.

A mounting body of evidence strongly suggests wellbeing is an essential aspect of engagement, and that companies may be missing a trick if they don’t tackle the two in tandem. CIPD research published in December 2012, Managing for sustainable employee engagement: developing a behavioral framework, concluded that in order to get the best out of people, managers should be adept at preventing stress. It found that those bosses who pass on stress by panicking about deadlines and do not provide advice to or consult with staff tend to erode motivation and undermine employee health and wellbeing.

And a 2010 Work Foundation report, The Business Case for Employees’ Health and Wellbeing, took the stance that employee health has become a “hard economic factor”.

Sponsorships To Help The Homeless in Oregon and Washington

employee benefits provider in Portland

Oregon and Washington healthcare benefits consulting firm Montgomery & Graham, Inc. has been part of the business community in the Northwest since 1997. They work with small and medium sized employers to help them offer employee benefits and company wellness plans that excel in worker retention and attraction. Also, they help clients to keep updated on business and insurance strategies for finding the best coverage at affordable rates.

Montgomery & Graham, Inc. helps businesses to select the right insurance plan for their needs and that meets their employees’ needs. They will do research through issuing an employee benefit package survey, review the prior year’s service record and conduct comprehensive market research to find the best available options. In addition, they provide third party administrative services for companies to manage their employee benefit plan including collecting premiums, handling the review of claims, communicating changes to the insurance carrier, setting up employee enrollment meetings and other related functions.

Although the company has grown over the years, they manage to maintain a personal touch and connection to the people they serve. The team at Montgomery and Graham has a passion for helping those that are less fortunate in the communities they serve as well. Whether they are running a Secret Santa, a companywide blood drive, or a pet food drive, the company continually finds ways to give back.

Community service, as well as customer service, has always been important to Montgomery & Graham. The company has currently launched a project with WeThinkItMatters Inc., for a website and branding campaign that has created $9,000 in sponsorships for non-profits supporting the homeless in the Northwest.

The focus of the sponsorship is to help homeless children and families in Oregon and Washington. Unfortunately, homelessness has come to be a growing problem not only in these states, but also throughout the country. Many of the people now seen on the streets were at one point living very close to the poverty line. It may have just taken one problematic occurrence like a disabling accident or loss of a loved one to force them out of their home. Unexpected job losses from corporate downsizing and epidemic foreclosures are just a few of the many conditions that can drive people who were living mainstream lives into the ranks of the homeless.

The project Montgomery & Graham has created by working with WeThinkItMatters Inc. provides an opportunity to support charities who operate in the Northwest that help homeless children and their families. They are offering $500 sponsorships for homeless programs that are to be awarded to assist those in need. Currently they are seeking 18 non-profit organizations that are interested in showing how they can use $500 to help impact their mission. These are funds that can be utilized to help with programs that offer food, shelter, everyday living needs and any other necessary expenses.

If your organization is interested in participating in the sponsorship program simply visit here and complete the form. In the event you are selected, you will receive a $500 sponsorship to show how you can make a difference for the homeless in the community you serve. We’re looking forward to sharing the news about the difference you make!